Technology Impact in the Courtroom:

The Courtroom is Changing

We have included on this page several articles and documents showcasing how technology is affecting the courtroom setting.

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Table of Contents

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Citations Article

File 1_Citations Article.pdf

Telegenics Brochure

File 2_Telegenics Brochure/Pricelist.pdf

Courtroom Presentation Equipment (16 pgs)

File 3_Courtroom Presentation Equipment_16 pgs.pdf

People v. Hood (6 pgs)

File 4_People v. Hood_6 pgs.pdf

Science Applications (8 pgs)

File 5_Science Applications..._8 pgs.pdf

Excerpt, Rutter Group (1-3 pgs)

File 6_Excerpt, Rutter Group1_3 pgs.pdf

Excerpt, Rutter Group (2-14pgs)

File 7_Excerpt, Rutter Group2_14 pgs.pdf

Law Journal Newsletters (4 pgs)

File 8_Law Journal Newsletters_4 pgs.pdf

Snoop Doggy Dogg Trial (25 pgs)

File 9_Snoop Doggy Dogg Trial_25 pgs.pdf

Admissibility of 3-D Animations (14 pgs)

File 10_Admissiblity of 3-D Animations_14 pgs.pdf

Courtroom Technology (11 pgs)

File 11_Courtroom Technology_11 pgs.pdf

Opposition to Motion to Tax Costs (20 pgs)

File 12_Opposition to Motion to Tax Costs_20 pgs.pdf